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Komin-Flex sp. z o.o. is a Polish company producing chimney systems made of acid-resistant and stainless steel, as well as components of ventilation systems, since 1991. We offer a wide range of negative pressure systems for insulated chimneys, chimney liners, as well as positive pressure chimneys, all of which are used for the safe discharge of smoke. They are designed for many types of heating devices, e.g. condensing fan boilers, pellet boilers, or gas fireplaces.

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Komin-Flex chimney systems are ready-made solutions that include elements necessary to construct a chimney. Their assembly is not complicated, and the final structure is stable and durable. In order to meet the expectations of our customers, in recent years we've introduced many new solutions for chimney systems, such as: SLIM, Slim Eko, and Gazkom chimneys, as well as chimney endings. Taking advantage of customer feedback, we systematically improve our products in order to provide products which are modern, cost-effective, and safe to use. Our guiding principles are the highest quality of products and complete compliance with the European law. All Komin-Flex products hold certificates and approvals required by the law, and the materials used have the manufacturers’ metallurgical certificates.

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