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OWAL chimney liners

Negative pressure

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The OWAL type chimney liner is a system of steel, acid-resistant fittings intended for discharging smoke, operating under negative pressure. Used mainly for renovating brick chimneys with a rectangular cross-section, damaged during operation.

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Gas Gas
Coal Coal
Oil Oil
Wood Wood
Pellets Pellets
*coal - min. material thickness 0,8mm

Material Mat. thickness Work temp. Diameter range

acid-resistant steel 1.4404

Designation mark:

EN 1856-2 T450 N1 W Vm L50080 G500

0,8 mm; 1,0 mm ≤450 °C 110x215 mm; 120x180 mm; 120x210 mm; 120x225 mm; 120x245 mm